Electrify America and Sac-to-Zero

Zero Emissions Vehicle and Infrastructure Tech Goes Mainstream

How do you reach underserved populations with EV messages?
Electrify America & Sac-to-Zero

Measuring the Impact of EV

Electrify America, LLC, was formed to be a catalyst for promoting Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) adoption by offering transformative, customer-centric infrastructure and energy management solutions. Electrify America, a Volkswagen company, was established as part of Volkswagen’s emissions settlement with the U.S. and California. The settlement requires regular reporting to the California Air Resources Board and approval to proceed with additional investments. JSR supported Electrify America through the impact reporting process.


JSR Strategies brilliantly takes EV topics and distills them down into everyday terms that anyone can understand. Being able to speak EV 101 to someone who is looking to make the switch is imperative, and this team has the proven ability to do so effectively.

Misti Murphey, Director of Marketing, Communications & Corporate Social Responsibility, Electrify America

Driving in a New Era of EV Mobility in Sacramento

In 2021, Electrify America (EA) turned to the original members of JSR team that launched the Sac-to-Zero initiative in 2018 and executed the reporting requirements to the California Air Resources Board. After analyzing assets and content, the owned and shared communication channels available and the client’s expressed needs, JSR began work on the tactics necessary to launch an all-digital campaign to effectively engage the community and Sac-to-Zero stakeholders.

Excellent Creative Done Quickly

In a two-week period, JSR successfully planned, produced and launched a full campaign that included six assets and outreach to partner organizations. This was our ambitious timeline:

Day 1


Hold a kickoff meeting with EA to establish goals and protocol.

Day 2


Reach out to all vendors and suppliers to collect three years of data on the program.

Day 3

Creative and Content Strategy

Develop the creative and content strategy in 48 hours for approval.

Day 5

Content Development

Create content for social media posts and video assets.

Day 8

Visual Development

Build all static graphics needed.

Day 10

Bring the Visuals to Life

Develop a motion graphic and a car-share video.

Day 12


Create an infographic to share with all partners and stakeholders to show the impact of Sac-to-Zero over the past three years.

Day 14

Share it!

Distribute all assets to partners and stakeholders prior to the public hearing.


In two weeks, JSR successfully planned, produced and launched a full campaign that included six assets and accompanying social media content. We also connected with program stakeholders for current program updates and created a toolkit for sharing and distributing the campaign messages. Stakeholders included:
• City of Sacramento
• Franklin Boulevard Business District
• Gig Car Share
• Sacramento Regional Transit
• Franklin Boulevard
• University of California, Davis
• UC Davis Health
• Yolo County Transportation District


Key Stakeholders


Audited Car-Share Locations around Sacramento


In Funding Approved by CARB in Cycle 3


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