Western Placer Waste Management Authority

Protecting Our Planet

By Encouraging the Development of a Circular Economy Through Solid Waste and Recycling
Western Placer Waste Management Authority

Building a Communications Plan to Expand the Facility

The Western Placer Waste Management Authority (WPWMA) is a regional agency established in 1978 through a joint exercise of powers agreement of Placer County and the cities of Lincoln, Rocklin and Roseville. The WPWMA plays a leading role in the future of Placer County’s growth and livability with its Waste Action Plan and turned to JSR Strategies to develop a communications plan for the Plan and to act as the agency’s Public Information Officer.

Jessica’s strategic mind, attention to detail and amazing staff are always available to meet the WPWMA’s needs. JSR has provided the structure, planning and creativity we needed to build relationships with our customers, especially during the pandemic. When you partner with JSR Strategies, you are partnering with a committed, caring and knowledgeable firm.

Stephanie Ulmer, Environmental Resources Specialist WPWMA

Developing a Strategic Communications Plan for Waste Management

Placer County residents needed to know that engineers, planners, consultants and thought leaders support and contributed to the Waste Action Plan and that the Plan supports Placer County’s future growth and livability. First, JSR conducted a thorough audit of the agency’s communications and an assessment of its target audiences. Based on this work, we created a strategic communications plan with the goal of passing and approving the Draft and Final Environmental Impact Reports, as required by the California Environmental Quality Act. Our objectives were to maintain member agency confidence, heighten awareness of WPWMA’s goals among county leaders and conduct timely, accurate outreach to the public.

Acting as a Public Information Officer

While working with the WPWMA on the Waste Action Plan, JSR Strategies served as the organization’s Public Information Officer (PIO). Communications specialists integrated key messages and information about the WPWMA’s progress and community benefit by planning, writing, editing and disseminating press releases and media advisories on organizational news and updates.

Topics included much-needed customer education on current issues such as facility upgrades, fee increases and complying with state mandates. JSR also engaged other Placer County PIOs and stakeholders to keep them informed of programming and aware of key shifts due to pandemic impacts.

Digital Storytelling

JSR shared the WPWMA’s various messages across digital channels.

Diverting Mattresses From the Landfill

A campaign promoting the WPWMA’s free biannual two-day “Bye Bye Mattress” recycling event resulted in over 600 mattresses diverted from the landfill. Customers reported that they heard about the event from Facebook posts generated for the campaign. The successful promotion of a well-attended event accomplishes a primary goal of the WPWMA: to provide valuable community services while driving traffic to the WPWMA’s social media site to further engage the community.


Mattresses Diverted


Event Responses


Impressions in Placer County

Facebook Like and Follow Campaign

To effectively reach the community, the WPWMA needed support to increase its followers on social media channels. A combination of consistent organic posts, event ads and a “Like and Follow” campaign was launched to build audiences.

JSR Strategies deployed the “Like & Follow” campaign on Facebook to grow the WPWMA’s online presence and audience. The campaign included a contest that awarded a $350 gift certificate to one person who “liked” the WPWMA Facebook page. A collection of creative assets and post content were deployed and tested to ascertain which ads the community most identified with during the campaign.

JSR grew likes by 1,148% (from 136 to 1,686) by the end of the campaign.


New Followers

1,148% Increase

During the Campaign

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