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Tempe Center for the Arts created SHFT: AZ Art When You Want It, a virtual art performance series to connect Tempe residents with local artists during COVID. Despite the lockdown, JSR Strategies and the TCA team worked to provide excellent online programming for residents and stakeholders that re-created the experience of live shows for the audience.

JSR Strategies is honestly one of the best marketing firms with which we have worked, and I could not recommend them more highly. Their energy was a breath of fresh air when working in unprecedented times, and we can count on this team with any project, large or small.

Eileen May, Managing Director of the TCA

Building A Virtual Audience

We knew that we had to do more than just host an online event. We wanted to create an online experience. So we built events on Facebook and eventbrite, set a social media calendar, notified audiences via the TCA newsletter and website and collaborated with the artists whenever possible. All elements had a consistent look and invited audiences to shift their perspective and join over 20 Arizona artists, musicians, sculptors and dancers live and online — every week.


By using organic traffic and boosting each event for just $150, we easily met attendance goals of over 200 RSVPs and 40 attendees per show, which led to an increase in attendee goals after eight events. Shows became so popular that the Phoenix New Times recently said about the Arizona-focused virtual performance series, “[SHFT] is getting us through the pandemic.”


Average Viewers


Average RSVPs


Total RSVPs

Social Media Audit and Strategy Development

Because we were creating an experience online, we had to do more than just boost the events. We had to improve TCA’s social media engagement and number of followers overall.

JSR audited TCA’s social channels and developed a social media strategy for Instagram and Facebook. Our presentation included goals, channels, target audiences, content themes, measurable key performance indicators and relevant internal staff policies.
Based on the audit findings, JSR launched a paid follower campaign to increase TCA followers. This produced a 33% increase in followers on Facebook.



33% Increase


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