JSR’s Client Kickoff Process: How to Start Your Journey Successfully

September 1, 2021
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September 1, 2021 jess

JSR’s Client Kickoff Process: How to Start Your Journey Successfully

JSR’s Client Kickoff Process is a series of in-depth meetings between the JSR team and the new client to ensure success. This process will help us collectively determine and define the goals for your project, create an effective timeline and budget, and set up expectations so that both parties know what to expect. If you are thinking about starting your journey with JSR, then this blog post is perfect for you!

JSR’s client kickoff process

JSR’s approach with each new client is to start by assessing where you are right now, without any input from you or your team. We fill out a client brief which is a one to two pay synopsis of who you are and what we think you need. This is similar to what a new client or customer would discover, prior to any outreach from you.

Then we scheduled a get-to-know-you kickoff meeting. In this meeting, we’ll cover the scope of work, our conclusions from the client brief, create a picture of success, and establish communication norms for our collaboration.

Why is the kickoff process important to you and your business goals?

The kickoff process is important because it sets the foundation for a successful relationship between JSR and your business. Our goal as marketers is to help you achieve your goals so we must understand what those are in order to do that effectively. The best way to learn about each other, from our perspective, involves getting together face-to-face or screen-to-screen with everyone. If we are new to you, or you are new to us, this can take a couple of meetings.

How does JSR’s kickoff process work for you? 

You are training your ultimate sidekick. It’s important that we learn to take care of you and your audiences, so these meetings are information downloads and ideation sessions, where we get to focus on the big picture.

What are the benefits of working with JSR?

The benefits of working with JSR are that you’ll get to work directly with one account manager who will be your day-to-day point person for all things related to the project. And, someone on our team is always available if you need something or have a question. We pride ourselves on being responsive and responsible so that we can meet your goals with you.

The team at JSR is here to help. If you are ready to discuss your project, reach out to us today.


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